FDS x Astronomy Colloquium: Viviana Acquaviva, “Machine Learning for Science: A Journey from Astrophysics to Climate”


Yale Institute for Foundations of Data Science, Kline Tower 13th Floor, Room 1327, New Haven, CT 06511

Speaker: Viviana Acquaviva
Department of Physics, City Tech CUNY NY

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Tea & Reception: 3:30 pm (Kitchen)
Talk: 4:00 pm (Room #1327)
at the Yale institute for Foundations of Data Science, Kline Tower, 13th Floor

Title: Machine Learning for Science: A Journey from Astrophysics to Climate

Abstract: The two realms of my research are Astrophysics and Climate Science, thanks to a PIVOT fellowship that supports a transdisciplinary arc. I am generally interested in understanding how we can learn from multi-scale simulations using data science tools, and more broadly, in reflecting on how scientists can foster a more responsible AI revolution in society. Some research questions I am considering are: how we can build confidence in machine learning models trained on simulations when they are applied to data; how we can formulate and test hypotheses for model discovery using symbolic regression and causal structure learning; how we can learn effective representations that retain physical meaning and interpretability; and what is the process for building and validating custom metrics to evaluate machine learning models with complex outputs. I will describe some of my work that touches upon these themes, from past and current work in galaxy formation and evolution to early-stage work about global climate models.

Website: https://www.drvivianaacquaviva.com/