S&DS Seminar: Jinyoung Park (NYU Courant)


Yale Institute for Foundations of Data Science, Kline Tower 13th Floor, Room 1327, New Haven, CT 06511

Speaker: Jinyoung Park, Assistant Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University)

Monday, October 9, 2023, 4:00PM to 5:00PM

Location: Yale Institute for Foundations of Data Science
Kline Tower 13th Floor, Room 1327
219 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Bio: I will be an assistant professor at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences NYU starting in Fall 2023. My research interests include extremal and probabilistic combinatorics, asymptotic enumeration, and various problems related to threshold phenomena for random discrete structures.

I will be co-organizing the NYU Theory Seminar.

I received my Ph.D. degree in mathematics at Rutgers University in May 2020 (advisor: Jeff Kahn). Before the upcoming position, I was a visiting assistant professor at Courant during Spring 2023. I also spent one year and a quarter at Stanford University as a Szegö Assistant Professor (postdoc mentor: Jacob Fox) and one year at Institute for Advanced Study as a postdoctoral member (CSDM program, led by Avi Wigderson).

My research is supported by NSF grant DMS-2153844. I received the Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize in 2023 and the AWM Dissertation Prize in 2022.

Research: I am broadly interested in stochastics, focusing on problems from statistical physics and the math of data, and their interactions. These encompass constrained stochastic systems and their applications, including problems of learning under complex structure (e.g., latent symmetries or community structure), dimension reduction, sampling and optimization, statistical networks and signal processing. Key paradigms include determinantal processes (DPP), strong Rayleigh measures and negative dependence, multi reference alignment (MRA), maximum likelihood under constraints, generative priors, Gaussian random fields and stochastic geometry. The investigation of these problems naturally brings together a wide array of tools and techniques, including probability, harmonic and complex analysis, persistent homology and the theory of group representations.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/jinyoungpark