John (Jay) Emerson

Jay grew up in Vermont and then studied at Williams College and Oxford University before doing his PhD at Yale University. He has lived in New Haven ever since, but enjoys travel, food, wine, and has recently taken up golf after a 30-year hiatus.

What do you do with data science?

John W. Emerson is the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Statistics and Data Science. His primary interests are in computational statistics and graphics, and his applied work ranges from topics in sports statistics to bioinformatics, environmental statistics, and Big Data challenges. He teaches a range of undergraduate and graduate courses from “Introductory Data Analysis” to “Statistical Case Studies.” He is the author of several R packages including bcp (for Bayesian change point analysis), bigmemory and sister packages (towards a scalable solution for statistical computing with massive data), and gpairs (for generalized pairs plots). He has served in various leadership roles in several sections of the American Statistical Association.