Jonathan Reuning-Scherer

Jonathan Reuning-Scherer, Senior Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science, has over two decades of experience advising the design and analysis of research projects in a wide variety of disciplines across the environmental, social, behavioral, and medical sciences. He has particular expertise in the area of multivariate and spatial statistics, as well as linear models and statistical graphics. Jonathan has consulted on hundreds of projects including wildlife management, water/air quality, social surveys, policy studies, species composition, soil chemistry, genetics, racial bias, and pay equity. He was worked extensively on various pharma projects and consults regularly with a variety of non-profits including Maestra and AFM Local 802. Jonathan has a particular interest in statistics pedagogy and has been creating asynchronous structures for more than 10 years. He teaches some of the largest statistics classes at Yale which serve some 1200 Yale students annually. While Jonathan has received several Yale teaching prizes, 5% of students still find his humor ‘corny and painful’.

What do you do with data science?

My work in data science focuses on practical applications in a wide variety of disciplines in departments across Yale’s campus. I have particular expertise in helping analyze data in wildlife management, water/air quality, environmental surveys, policy studies, species composition, soil chemistry, genetics, and environmental anthropology. I have worked regularly with colleagues in EPH and in the medical school and have 20 years of experience in clinical trials. I have worked with hundreds of graduate students designing and analyzing their research.