Joshaua Kalla

Joshua Kalla is a political and data scientist at Yale University whose research focuses on political persuasion, prejudice reduction, and decision-making among voters and the political elite, especially through the use of randomized field experiments. Kalla’s work illuminates new understandings of the persuasive effects of political campaigns, and provides new strategies for counteracting prejudice.

What do you do with data science?

Much of my substantive research agenda relies on the use of field experiments conducted in collaboration with practitioners, such as political campaigns or interest groups. These collaborations allow me to conduct research with a unique degree of internal and external validity. As an applied researcher, I enjoy the challenge of designing experiments that are able to answer substantive and theoretically-driven questions while meeting the logistical and budgetary constraints of partner organizations. One product of this has been methodological research to improve experimental designs (“The Design of Field Experiments With Survey Outcomes”, Political Analysis).