Soheil Ghili

Soheil Ghili is an assistant professor at Yale University’s School of Management in the Marketing department. He holds a Ph.D. in Managerial Economics and Strategy from Northwestern University. His research combines tools from Microeconomics and Game Theory with those from Econometrics and Statistics to develop analytical models that inform decision making processes by businesses. The objective of these models is to improve firms’ decisions on crucial matters such as business-model design and pricing strategy, both on the front of profitability and on the front of consumer welfare. Prof. Ghili’s research is often conducted in collaboration with businesses which provide rich data along with an experimentation platform.

Prof. Ghili’s research has been published in leading business and economics journals such as Review of Economic Studies, American Economic Review: Insights, Marketing Science, and Management Science. His research is inter-disciplinary, and he has collaborated with researchers from the fields of business, economics, computer science, and statistics.

How do you use data science?

My recent work combines rich data (often alongside experiments) from firms with econometric and game-theoretic frameworks in order to inform high-stake business decisions such as pricing strategy and business-model design.