The Yale Institute for Foundations of Data Science (FDS) is a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration. Launched in spring 2022, FDS connects data scientists with researchers across Yale. Together, our members inspire new possibilities, develop new approaches to solving problems, and advance foundational data science research.

Meet the Director

Dan Spielman

Daniel Alan Spielman is the Sterling Professor of Computer Science and a Professor of Statistics and Data Science and of Mathematics at Yale University. He is the inaugural James A. Attwood Director of FDS.

Dan’s research centers on the design and analysis of algorithms, network science, machine learning, digital communications, and scientific computing. His intersectional approach to mathematics and computer science reflects the cross-disciplinary spirit behind FDS.

Dan has been recognized with numerous awards and honors for his scholarly contributions. In 2023, he received the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics; in 2013, a MacArthur Fellowship; the 2010 Rolf Nevanlinna Prize; the 2009 Fulkerson Prize; and, in 2008 and 2015, the Gödel Prize for outstanding papers in the area of theoretical computer science. Dan is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Prior to joining the Yale faculty in 2005, he was affiliated with MIT.

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Our Location

FDS sits atop the reimagined Kline Tower on Science Hill. Kline is also home to our collaborators in Statistics and Data Science, Mathematics, and Astronomy. Our location matches our vision: to convene faculty from departments and schools across the university, united by shared research interests.

What We Do

Host Academic Events

Lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences are the backbone of FDS. Events are designed to be educational and to spotlight the work of our members. These gatherings bridge boundaries between disciplines and illuminate possibilities for applying data science to research.

Facilitate Collaboration

We collect a wide variety of faculty from across campus and offer a venue for new connections. FDS eases the pathway for data scientists and other researchers to forge partnerships and apply data science to finance, art, medicine, and more.

Advance Foundational Research

To promote data science research, we make connections between students and faculty and across departments. We support a postdoctoral program, powering exciting, independent data science scholarship. FDS also shares and celebrates the discoveries and publications of our members.

Our Purpose

FDS is Yale’s hub for data science collaboration. We aim to advance research in the mathematical, algorithmic, and statistical foundations of data science—and to help scholars from other disciplines leverage data science in their work. By connecting faculty with complementary expertise and infusing research with data-driven insights, we enhance our collective understanding of the world and accelerate the pace of discovery.